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Objectives of the Constitution

 We get information about the objectives of the Constitution from the Objective Resolution passed by the Constituent Assembly on 22 January 1947. This proposal was presented in the Constituent Assembly by Jawaharlal Nehru on 13 December 1946 and it was accepted by one vote.

This objective proposal mainly mentioned the following principles:

1. Declaring India as an independent, sovereign republic, wherein the whole power is vested in the people.

2. To establish a democratic union, in which all parts of the country
Achieve equal self-government.

 3. To establish a state system in which power from the center and the state public
Will receive.

4. Provide social, economic and political justice to all the people of India
To provide social, economic, political and legal equality; And to give freedom of thought, freedom of belief in any religion, adoption of any worship method, adoption of any business, formation of communities, etc.

5. Minorities, backward castes, tribal areas and other exploited castes
Give appropriate protection to

6. Maintaining the integrity of the Republic and of the earth, sea and air areas
To protect.

7. To make India an honorable place in the international world.

8. To promote world peace and work for the welfare of mankind.
All the above objectives to be included in the Preamble to the Constitution.

Constituent Assembly shortcomings

There were several shortcomings in the Constituent Assembly which are as follows:

1. Its members were not elected on the basis of the principle of adult suffrage. Therefore, it cannot be considered a truly representative institution.

2. It was formed under an Act passed by the British Parliament
Gone. Hence, it was not a sovereign institution.

3. The Constituent Assembly took a long time to formulate the Constitution. 4. Congress was dominated in the Constituent Assembly.

5. There was an abundance of lawyers in the Constituent Assembly. So made by them
Legal language was heavily used in the constitution.

6. The Constituent Assembly was an institution predominantly dominated by Hindu members.

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